Welcome to cringeposting!!! this whole section is essentially a blog. except, i never know what to blog about! so, instead of long form blog posts, it's probably just gonna be whatever nonsense i think of off the top of my head! Hope you're chill with that, cause it aint gonna change any time soon.>:-] >:-] >:-]


im gonna explode one of these days i swear to god. what the FUCK is happening. i know i havent done much in a while. i have been stuck in seemingly endless limbo of wanting to do things and having so much to do that i dont know where to start. i understand sisyphus.


why are creative projects so complicated? i dont mean the making things part, i understand fully well how much effort goes into bringing a creative vision to life, being an artist myself. No, i mean the project part. You know, where you gotta plan stuff out and figure out a place to host it and everything, and make sure its ready to be seen by people. it's all so tedious, and theres so many different outlets to do it through! Like, if im working on a project, would it be better to make my own site and have unlimited creativity, or use an established, preexisting site to build off of? and if i do make my own site, does that mean im also gonna pay for a domain? how will i tell people about it? hmm... decisions, decisions.


why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?



Hey!!! im here. My birthday was recently. im 21 now!! woo! Big birthday momence. I even ordered a glass of WINE at olive garden. It was pretty good! It wasnt my favorite, tho. My dad says i will probably like white wines more. But, i think it'll just be pretty ok. My mom got me a fucking diamond ring. Im not much of a jewelry guy. Part of it comes from being trans, since, in my head, jewelry is pretty feminine.(obv guys can wear jewelry its just my own experience with gender) Still, this is such a nice gift and is way more than i expected. It also is pretty subtle and masculine, which i like. thx mom!!!!!!!! Im pretty stressed rn. the past christmas was really distracting and now i have to rush to register for my classes. AHHHHHH!!!!! (>-<)


it is currently 12:30 as im writing this. i so could put up the art page tonight,and so i will!!! enjoy a super cool uhhh page. today. also i lied it's like 2 am. anyways why the fuck does the billing system in the U.S. have to be so hard? why cant it just be "oh you have this much money. well give us this amount" and thats it? why do they gotta go on and on about different forms for different stuff. it's lame. and confusing. and the most intimidating part of being an adult. Also im gonna try and set up commisions. And im gonna make a seperate page for em. thanx!!!!!!!!


This website gets cooler and cooler every day. theres so much stuff i learn about all the time!! no really big news today, but i wanted to talk about it cause it's so cool to me!!! It feels like there's so much stuff on here even though there isn't. I hope one day i could have a super big site and have all my cool cool stuff on here. but for now, im happy to just know it exists and work on it.

I am working on a comic, and i may host it on here! I bet i could make a section for my comic and stuff. it will be fun. but right now, the goal is a section for my art in general.


epic cringe moment, gamers. I turned down my chance to visit my irl friends for the first time in ages cause i had 2 study for an important quiz. I had to read this stupid book or whatever. idk i hate history. anyways, cringefail time, the professor pushed back the test day!!! thats great for the ones who like. didnt study. and i get more time to prepare! but!!!! if i had known about it ahead of time, i would have taken an extra day to myself and like idk. seen my best friend who goes to school out of state, maybe. also for some reason my css file doesnt work so i had to transfer all the css stuff to each individual page! wild.

in other news, getting really into flight rising. Dragons r super cool!!! My progen pair is a guardian named shadow and a fae named angel. shadow is the one i designed and angel is the randomly generated one. i might make a page to show off my flight rising dragons. or, just a button linking to my profile. who knows??? i dont! I'll decide later


behold!!! the first ever cringepost on my website!!! uhhh... i dont actually have anything to talk about, but i feel like it's important to post semi-frequently on here so that this place doesn't just fade away from my consciousness. uhhh general update stuff? i dont know how to make like. space between divisions in css or html yet. im pretty sure there's a way, though! right now the way i've seperated out the sections is by putting a blank paragraph in between divisions. If anyone knows a better way to do this, pls lmk!!!